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Summary of Services

401(k) and SoloK Plans

 Offering design flexibility and a deep understanding of benefits, rights and incentives. There various options for the 401(k) component of a pension plan that allow contribution only, standard match, safe harbor match and enhanced matching allowing employers to decide the level of benefits to satisfy IRS regulation.

New Comparability Plans

 Assisting Business owner in maximizing profit sharing contribution to owners or key employees while minimizing the contributions to other employees. A New Comparability Plan is a profit sharing plan in which employees are divided into groups with each group receiving an employer contribution that is a different percentage of compensation while satisfying IRS rules for a 401k profit sharing plan.



403(b) Plans

 Over the years, the tax-exempt retirement plan market has seen tremendous growth in the choices of investment products and administrative structures for defined contribution plans. The IRS has directly affected the feasibility and desirability of maintaining both an ERISA and non-ERISA status Plan. In this era of increased compliance, ERISA plans may have a cost equality in basic plan operations. Plans may also show advantages in terms of fiduciary protections that are not typically available under state law. More importantly, under ERISA, employers have the ability to selectively choose cost-effective providers and high-quality investments, which may simultaneously reduce plan costs and fiduciary risk.

Non-ERISA safe harbor status means less administrative responsibility and burden. The Fiduciary standards of conduct are less diligent in a non-ERISA plan and investment options are not the responsibility of the Plan Sponsor.

Non-qualified Plans

 457, TOP HAT, etc. Millions of employees save for retirement by deferring a portion of their compensation into an employer-sponsored, tax-deferred savings plan. However, there are times when a qualified plan won’t accomplish an employer’s goals. A company may want to defer a greater amount for retirement than is permitted inside a qualified plan, or reward either themselves or a key employee with additional benefits and compensation that will not be offered to the majority of employees. In cases like these, non-qualified plans are used to achieve specialized objectives because of their flexibility and they have very few set criteria they must meet. These plans are usually tailor-made on a case-by-case basis and come in all shapes and sizes



 We test Plans to make sure that they are compliant with ERISA guidelines. The ADP (Actual Deferral Percentage) and ACP (Actual Contribution Percentage) tests compare the average of salary deferral and employer match percentages for highly compensated employees (HCE) to the average of salary deferral and employer match percentages for non-highly compensated employees (NHCE).  In some cases where the plan a Safe Harbor Plan partial testing is required to verify limits are not exceeded. We Prepare participant notices, Distributions, QDRO, and contribution calculations additionally as part of our core services.

Annual Reporting and 5500 filings

 Depending on the size of your plan we will assist with the annual review. Large Plans requires an Audit and we assist with the reconciliation and information sharing with Auditors.

 We produce a signature ready electronic form 5500 filing based on the requirements

ERISA Consulting Services

VLR Administrators offers a complete range of consulting, research, administrative and communication services throughout the entire arena of qualified and non-qualified plans. Our expert plan administrators, actuaries and compliance specialists focus on core issues related to Plan set-up and deficiencies allow us provide unmatched service excellence fulfilling clients' engagements and building lasting partnerships. Consulting services begins with evaluating the clients request and provide a thorough review and information as to how objective will be achieved. Plan options include providing technical and legal assistance if needed, custom plan services, flexible investment options, and retro-compliance. We have a strong ERISA Team ready for the Challenge.

*Complete Document Services

*IRS and DOL Self-Correction Programs

*Retroactive Record-keeping, Administration and Regulatory Filings

*Fiduciary Review Services

*Fiduciary Consulting and Protection Services

*Plan Transactional Services

*Complex Ownership Structures

Defined Benefit  and Cash Balance Plans

 We have an alliance service that allow us to provide the creation and maintenance of a Defined Benefit Plan to make sure ERISA compliance is met. A defined benefit pension plan is a type of pension plan in which an employer/sponsor promises a specified monthly benefit on retirement that is predetermined by a formula based on the employee's earnings history, tenure of service and age, rather than depending directly on individual investment returns.Additionally we also provide services to create and manage a Cash Balance Plan. Cash-balance plans are like traditional defined-benefit pension plans with a 401(k) correlation Cash-balance plans have generous contribution limits that increase with age. People 60 and older can save larger contributions above the statutory plan limits annually. In 401(k) plans, total employer and employee contributions for those 50 and older are limited to established contribution limits.




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